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Boston’s Premier Afro-Caribbean DJ

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Boston’s Premiere Afro-Caribbean DJ

Booking clubs, weddings, corporate and private events, in the Greater Boston Area


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About me

DJ Super Duke started at the age of 16, while attending Somerville High School with his long time business partner, DJ Case. Back then, I was just rocking the local house parties and graduation celebrations but we quickly got a break Djing at the famous Bahama Beach club (BBC) The Palace in Saugus, MA. The Palace really put me at a mainstream, MTV TRL type of level in Boston, since we would have over 3000 club goers on long weekends and summer nights.


Running a professional DJ business is not easy, especially in Boston where you have 4 urban nightclubs and 30 DJs with skillsets that want a spot. To keep myself apart, I have built a network of followers since day one. I have grown with my crowd and still stay relevant to the younger market demographic. Another thing that keeps me apart is the diverse crowd that I’m able to cater to. I’m not just a reggae DJ or a Hip-hop DJ. My style is global more than just world music. I understand and feel it.

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